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Our Promise

Van Siclen Community Middle School students will learn how to learn.

Our instructional philosophy is designed to put students in the driver’s seat as it pertains to their development. Students learn best when they are driven by purpose and the learning is meaningful. Students will learn how to develop relevant questions that guide their work. Students will learn to set goals and self-reflect to assess their progress towards their goals. They will also learn the skills to research or design experiments to get relevant data, and determine effective ways to present information and findings to audiences. Students will see the relevance of their learning and understand that learning is a tool for their empowerment to solve problems and improve the lives of those in their communities.

The process in which they engage with the content is what makes Van Siclen Community Middle School capable of preparing students who are ready to experience success in college and be relevant in their respective careers.


Our Mission

To Expand and Refine Curriculum

Van Siclen Community Middle School provides a project based learning curriculum which is deliberate and reflective. Our students are engaged in problem solving, inquiry research, analysis, and evaluation. As a VSC student, our students are undoubtedly challenged to learn to use technology to strengthen their skill-sets on their educational and essentially life journey.

Introducing The Magnet School of Multimedia Arts & Engineering, MS 654

All Students Are Welcome!

The Van Siclen Community Middle School curriculum and instructional model is built upon a rigorous and relevant curriculum aligned to common core standards, and instruction aligned to best practices and authenticity (Project/Problem Based Learning Approach).

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Core Values

Van Siclen Community Middle School’s core values are rooted in a commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive learning environment. We prioritize values such as Responsibility, Effort, and Collaboration, striving to empower our students with the knowledge, skills, and character necessary to excel academically and become responsible, compassionate, and engaged members of their communities. These core values serve as the foundation upon which our school’s mission is built, shaping the educational experience and the character development of our students.

We believe that everyone should be accountable for fulfilling their duties or obligations for the betterment of the collective. Everyone is accountable for what they have to do, and can reflect, seek support, and respond when challenged to fulfill their roles and responsibilities. Staff and students are responsible to themselves and others to complete tasks, remain committed and engage in appropriate behaviors.
Staff and students will consistently persist to achieve goals. Members of the community of VSC will be determined to accomplish their tasks and goals. They’ll utilize their will and resources to overcome obstacles that stand between themselves and their goals.

Staff and students work collaboratively to accomplish the shared goals of the school. Student and staff collaborate to solve a range of problems, with an appreciation for collective intelligence and a respect for the challenging nature of the task. Members of the VSC community also collaborate to seek and accept feedback on completed products to gain additional insight and learn as a result.

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