Dear Van Siclen Community,

We hope this message finds you well and healthy during this unprecedented time in the world due to the coronavirus. It is a challenging time for so many, and we are grateful to everyone playing their role–whether you are a front-line health professional, a store clerk, a mom, father, or guardian trying to keep your children healthy and safe. We thank you for your patience and appreciate the difficulties that lie with this situation. 

We write today with a few announcements:

  1. Following the guidance of Governor Cuomo, we will continue with online learning classes through the previously scheduled spring break and until April 29th until further notice. Classes will continue this Thursday and Friday and all through next week. Please note: the Governor announced this week that “New York on Pause” is extended until April 29th, meaning all “non-essential” businesses will remain closed. 
  2. State assessments for grades 6-8 in math, ELA, and science have been suspended at this time. Regents, for high school students, have been cancelled.
  3. There are free meals available for ALL (everyone and anyone) at NYC schools’ Meal Hubs. If you are an adult or a child, you can pick up three meals a day at NYC Meal Hubs. The closest Meal Hubs to VSC are PS 213, PS 306, PS 13, and PS 202. To find the one closest to you, text FOOD to 877 877. No ID is required. No one will be turned away. Please, if you need food, find these meal hubs or contact us for more information. 

Finally, it has been inspiring to see communities joining together to support their neighbors, families, and their most vulnerable citizens and we want to be a resource during these difficult times. We encourage you to reach out to us if you are experiencing increased stress or find yourself in need of food or other necessities. Please also reach out if there are elderly people, people with compromised immune systems, or pre-existing asthma that you are worried about. We hope to come out of this stronger together. Let us know if there are ways we could help and support you and your family.

Feel free to reach out to me (Alanna, Parent Coordinator) directly at 914-712-8734 or via email at I would be happy to speak to you or your child about anything going on and I am able to direct you to additional support or resources as necessary. 

Stay well and many warm and healthy wishes,

Van Siclen Community Middle School

Alanna MacLeod-Bluver

Parent Coordinator, Van Siclen Community Middle School

Cell: 914-712-8734